Loads of all shapes and sizes!

Thanks to Chem Valley Machines and Charleston Steel for you trust. We get it there on time!

Last load of the day

Last load of the day at Amherst/Madison Coal. Thanks for hanging around guys.

A load from Charleston Steel

Ready to roll…

Concrete forms for Form Tech!

concrete-formsAnother fine load of concrete forms from Form Tech — at Mountaineer Power Plant.

From Merco Marine

Hauling a brand new boat dock from Merco Marine in Wellsburg, WV for George Armstrong.

img_6431 img_6432 img_6433 img_6434

Hauling for United Rental

Thank you to United Rental for trusting Country Road Services with your delivery.

IMG_6103 IMG_6104

Chem Valley Machines knows who to trust

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Thank you Amherst/Madison!

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No haul too small!